22 April

Putting Pants On Philip (Dir. Clyde Bruckman, 1927 ) + The Finishing Touch (Dir. Clyde Bruckman/Leo McCarey, 1928) + Battle of the Century (Dir. Clyde Bruckman, 1927)  (Screening format – not known,19/19/19mins )  Spend a glorious afternoon in the company of the world’s best-loved comedy team.   First up is ‘Putting Pants on Philip’, their first official joint billing which casts Ollie as a pompous man-about-town reluctantly put in charge of Stan’s Scottish, kilt-wearing dandy with an unswerving eye for the ladies.  Next up is the brilliantly funny ‘The Finishing Touch’ where the boys are typically inept handymen charged with the building of an alarmingly flimsy house under the unforgiving eye of the plot owner and a nurse from the neighbouring sanatorium.  Finally  the Holy Grail of the Boys’ films: ‘The Battle of the Century’.  A complete version of this two-reeler has not been available since the silent era but now the missing footage has been found and archivists at Lobster Films in France have restored the work, allowing fans to enjoy the full film including the mother of all pie-fights for the first time in nearly a hundred years.   With live piano accompaniment by Jane Gardner.  Hippodrome Cinema, Bo’Ness Link


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