Important Notice :    This site’s original incarnation, silentfilmcalendar.com, is sadly no more, victim of a hacking attack.  We are now attempting to rebuild the site as silentfilmcalendar.org.  But it is still in its early stages and many details from the original site such as links and images were lost.  Please bear with us as we seek to replace these over the coming weeks.

Your guide to what’s on, when and where, across the United Kingdom.


If you’ve got this far, you probably like silent cinema, just like us.  And just like us, you’ve probably been looking for a website that told you what silent films were showing, when and where.  We got so fed up of looking that we started pulling our own listing together.  Then it struck us that other silent film enthusiasts might find this list useful.  Hence Silentfilmcalendar.org


The_General_posterAnd while Silentfilmcalendar.org lists every forthcoming silent film event we’re aware of we make no claims for it being fully comprehensive.  For that, we could do with a little help.  If you are aware of additional silent film events, please let us know, so that we can add them to the site and share with other enthusiasts.

We’d also welcome any other views on or suggestions for the site that you may have.

E-mail us at: silentfilmcalendar@gmail.com  or find us on twitter @silentfilmcal