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Annual Reviews

Review of the Year: 2018 Click here

Review of the Year: 2017 –  Click here

Review of the Year 2016Click here

Festival Reviews

A Day at the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival 2016Click here

Hippodrome Silent Film Fest. (HippFest) 2016 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Festival 2016Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Laughter Weekend 2016 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Weekend 2017 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Laughter Saturday 2017 –  Click here

19th British Silent Film Festival 2017 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Laughter Weekend 2018 –    Click here

Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (HippFest) 2018 Click here

Kennington Bioscope’s Silent Guns Day (2018) –  Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Weekend 2019Click here

Film Reviews

Ace of Hearts (1921) + shortsClick here

Alias Jimmy Valentine (1928)Click here

Amleto (Hamlet) (1917)Click here

An Old Gangster’s Molls (aka Lovers of an Old Gangster (1927)Click here

An Unseen Enemy (1912) – Click here

Arabian Nights (1921) – Click here

Assunta Spina (1915) – Click here

Back to God’s Country (1919)- Click here

Ballet Mecanique (1924) Click here

Battle of the Somme (1916)Click here

Bestia (Beast) (aka The Polish Dancer) 1917 – Click here

Body and Soul (1925)Click here

Bride of Glomdal, The (aka Glomdalsbruden, 1926) Click here

Broken Blossoms (1919)Click here

Bucking Broadway (1917) – Click here

Call of the Sea (aka Zew Morza) (1927) – Click here

Captain Blood (1924) + other 9.5mm Vitagraphs Part I – Click here

Casanova (1927) and other 9.5mm Vitagraphs – Part III – Click here

City Without Jews, The (aka Die Stadt ohne Juden) (1924) – Click here

Diler Jigar (Gallant Hearts) (1931) – Click here

Dumb Girl of Portici, The (1916) – Click Here

End of St Petersburg, The (1927) – Click here

Erotikon (1929)Click here

Exploring Silent Indian Cinema + Raja Harishchandra (1913)Click here

Extra Girl, The (1923) + Little Sister of Everything (1918) +Short  –  Click here

Fantomas – Episode2 – Juve Versus FantomasClick here

Filibus (1915) + shorts – Click here

Fille de l’eau (1925)Click here

Four Just Men, The (1921) – Click here

Gallant Hearts (Diler Jigar) (1931) – Click here

Girl from God’s Country, The (2015)Click here

Glomdalsbruden (aka The Bride of Glomdal, 1926)Click here

Goat, The (1921) – Click here

Goose Woman, The (1925) + shorts – Click here

Great Victorian Moving Picture Show Click here

Greed(1924) –   Click here

Hamlet (1921)Click here

       Heaven on Earth (1927) – Click here

Hindle Wakes (1927)Click here

Hungarian Rhapsody (1928) – Click here

In Spring (1929) – Click here

Kleine Veronika, Die (Little Veronika, 1929) –  Click here

L’Hirondelle et la Mesange (The Swallow and the Titmouse) Click here

Lime Kiln Club Field Day, The (1913)Click here

Little Sister of Everything (1918) + The Extra Girl (1923) + Short  –  Click here

Little Veronika  (Die Kleine Veronika, 1929) –  Click here

Love Everlasting (Ma l’Amor Mio Non Muore! ) (1913) Click here

Lovers of an Old Gangster (aka An Old Gangster’s Molls)  (1927)Click here

Ma l’Amor Mio Non Muore! (Love Everlasting) (1913) Click here

Maciste in Love (1919)Click here

Man, Woman and Sin (1927)Click here

Maria Marten (1928)Click here

Mating Call (1928) – Click here

Merchant of Venice, The (1923) – Click here

Merveilleuse Vie de Jeanne d’Arc, The (1929)Click here

Miserables, Les (1925) – Click here

Monte Cristo – Click here

Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (1912) – Click here

Navigator, The (1924) – Click here

Nell Gwyn (1926) – Click here

Not For Sale (1924) – Click here

Nugget Jim’s Pardner (1916)Click here

Opium (1919) – Click here

Palais de Danse (1928) – Click here

Pampered Youth (1923) and other 9.5mm Vitagraphs Part II – Click here

Pandora’s Box (1929) – Click here

People With No Tomorrow (1921) – Click here

Polish Dancer, The (aka Bestia (Beast)) (1917) – Click here

Prix De Beaute (1930) – Click here

Rails (Rotaie) (1929) – Click here

Raja Harishchandra (1913) + Exploring Silent Indian Cinema  – Click here

Regeneration (1915) + David Shepard TributeClick here

Robin Hood (1922)Click here

Salt For Svanetia (1921) – Click here

Second Fiddle (1923) + shorts – Click here

Shiraz: A Romance of India (1928) – Click here

Shkurnik (1929) – Click here

Shooting Stars (1928) – Click here

Sins of Love (1929)Click here

Sixth Part of the World, A (1926)Click here

Skinner’s Dress Suit (1926) – Click here

Slave of Phidias (1917) –  Click here

Sodom and Gomorrah: The Legend of Sin and Punishment (1922) Cilck here

Some Say Chance (1934) + shorts – Click here

Spanish Dancer, The (1923) – Click here

Stadt ohne Juden, Die (aka The City Without Jews) (1924) – Click here

Stark Love (1927) – Click here

Swallow and the Titmouse (L’Hirondelle et la Mesange) Click here

Terge Vigen (1917) – Click here

Toil and Tyranny (1915) – Click here

Trail of the Law (1924) – Click here

Underworld (1927) – Click here

Virgin of Stamboul (1920) Click here

Younger Generation (1929) – Click here

Zew Morza (aka Call of the Sea) (1927) – Click here