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Annual Reviews

Review of the Year 2016Click here

Festival Reviews

A Day at the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival 2016Click here

Hippodrome Silent Film Fest. (HippFest) 2016 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Festival 2016Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Laughter Weekend 2016 – Click here

Kennington Bioscope Silent Film Weekend 2017 – Click here

Film Reviews

Ace of Hearts (1921) + shortsClick here

Alias Jimmy Valentine (1928)Click here

Amleto (Hamlet) (1917)Click here

An Unseen Enemy (1912) – Click here

Arabian Nights (1921) – Click here

Back to God’s Country (1919)- Click here

Ballet Mecanique (1924) Click here

Battle of the Somme (1916)Click here

Body and Soul (1925)Click here

Broken Blossoms (1919)Click here

Bucking Broadway (1917) – Click here

Captain Blood (1924) + other 9.5mm Vitagraphs Part I – Click here

Erotikon (1929)Click here

Exploring Silent Indian Cinema + Raja Harishchandra (1913)Click here

Fille de l’eau (1925)Click here

Girl from God’s Country (2015)Click here

Goat (1921) – Click here

Greed(1924) –   Click here

Hamlet (1921)Click here

Hindle Wakes (1927)Click here

In Spring (1929) – Click here

Lime Kiln Club Field Day (1913)Click here

Maciste in Love (1919)Click here

Man, Woman and Sin (1927)Click here

Mating Call (1928) – Click here

Merchant of Venice (1923) – Click here

Merveilleuse Vie de Jeanne d’Arc, 1929Click here

Miserables, Les (1925) – Click here

Monte Cristo – Click here

Navigator (1924) – Click here

Nell Gwyn (1926) – Click here

Nugget Jim’s Pardner (1916)Click here

Pampered Youth (1923) and other 9.5mm Vitagraphs Part II – Click here

Pandora’s Box (1929) – Click here

People With No Tomorrow (1921) – Click here

Prix De Beaute (1930) – Click here

Raja Harishchandra (1913) + Exploring Silent Indian Cinema  – Click here

Regeneration (1915) + David Shepard TributeClick here

Robin Hood (1922)Click here

Salt For Svanetia (1921) – Click here

Shkurnik (1929) – Click here

Sixth Part of theWorld (1926)Click here

Skinner’s Dress Suit (1926) – Click here

Slave of Phidias (1917) –  Click here

Some Say Chance (1934) + shorts – Click here

Stark Love (1927) – Click here

Terge Vigen (1917) – Click here

Toil and Tyranny (1915) – Click here

Trail of the Law (1924) – Click here

Younger Generation (1929) – Click here