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21 June – Silent Battleships in Portsmouth

20 June – Silent Trains at the Kennington Bioscope

2 May – June is Bursting Out…. With Silents at the BFI 

1 February –  ‘Invisible’ Silents At The Barbican!

31 January-  The Frustration of Silent Film Fixture Clashes!

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20 June

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21 June

Imperial War Museum Films of the Home Front A screening of contemporary First World War factual films. Presented as part of the Home Front 1914-1918 conference.  With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.  University of St Andrews, St Andrews  Link

26 – 28 June (5 Screenings)

Pandora’s Box (Dir. G W Pabst, Ger, 1929)  With recorded soundtrack. Quad Cinema, Derby Link

26 July

Sunrise; A Song of Two Humans (Dir. F W Murnau, US, 1927) + The Goat (Dir. Buster Keaton/Mal St Clair, US, 1921) With live jazz accompaniment by the Meg Morley Trio (Meg Morley on piano, Richard Sadler on double bass and Emiliano Caroselli on drums).  1901 Arts Club, London  Link

27 July

The Phantom Carriage (Dir. Victor Sjostrom, Swe, 1921)  Presented s part of Cinema Rediscovered festival.   Introduced by Peter Walsh.  With live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.  Watershed Cinema, Bristol Link

5 August

Pandora’s Box (Dir. G W Pabst, Ger, 1929) With recorded soundtrack. Electric Cinema, Birmingham  Link

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