Live On-Line Events

Lock-down may be preventing us from getting out to see silent film events ‘in the flesh’.  But don’t forget that there are still opportunities to see films at live On-Line screenings.  Forthcoming events include;

Tuesday 2 March

The University of Toronto Libraries Media Commons Archives presents Secrets of the Night (Dir. Herbert Blache, US,1924).  In this light-hearted murder-mystery (directed by the former husband of film pioneer Alice Guy-Blache), bank president Robert Andrews is faced with jail after being framed for embezzlement by his former partner. To avoid imprisonment, he decides to fake his own murder during a party at his luxurious mansion. But when the guests start mysteriously dying one by one, Andrews realizes that there actually is a killer on the loose…one that may hold the key to proving his innocence.  Long thought lost, a copy of Secrets of the Night was found in the basement of a house in Canada in 2017. Find out more at  With live piano accompaniment by Jordan Klapman.  Followed by a panel discussion moderated by Assistant Media Archivist Christina Stewart  with Richard and Wayne Scott (who rediscovered the film), and the film’s piano accompanist Jordan Klapman.  Film screens at 18.00 EST (23.00 UK time).  Screening is free but you need to register  here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents The Three Must-Get-Theres (Dir. Max Linder, US,1922)This  was Linder’s final American film before he returned to Europe to co-direct his last completed film, Max, der Zirkuskönig (Max, King of the Circus) in Austria.  Directed, written by and starring Linder, the film follows the plot of the 1844 novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and is a comic parody of the Douglas Fairbanks box office smash with the same name of the previous year.  The film screens at 11am UK time with an introduction by Serge Bromberg (Lobster Films, Paris) and with live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney.  Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Clara Bow: Hollywood’s “It” Girl Rediscovered.  Stand-up comedian Lucy Porter and actor, impressionist, and the author/illustrator of the graphic biography IT GIRL, Jessica Martin celebrate 1920s’ Hollywood’s biggest female box office star: Clara Bow.  Clara, whose complex story belies her on-screen persona, received a record-breaking 45,000 fan letters a month at the peak of her career. Unlike most of her contemporaries, Bow often played the sexual aggressor in her films. It was a daring deviation from the period’s norm of female passivity, and one that revolutionised the role of women in cinema. The event uses film extracts to showcase Bow’s gregarious personality and striking beauty, making it easy to understand how she became Hollywood’s most popular leading lady of the period. The event screens at 4pm UK time. Hosted by Lucy Porter and Jessica Martin with piano accompaniment by John Sweeney. Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Slapstick Virtual: Clara Bow Zoom Hangout An informal after-show discussion + Q&A with a virtual panel, including Lucy Porter, Jessica Martin and festival director Chris Daniels. Event takes place at 6pm UK time.  Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents It (Dir. Clarence Badger, US, 1927) Clara Bow’s  best remembered film and widely considered the definitive Jazz Age romantic comedy, It captures the quintessential flapper, Clara Bow, at the height of her charm. The film takes its title and mood from the novels of Elinor Glyn, portraying Bow as a lingerie salesgirl with plenty of It determined to overcome the indifference of the store’s handsome owner (Antonio Moreno). But it’s a mission beset by class divides and mix-ups until Bow as Betty Lou crashes a high-society yacht party. With recorded synchronised score composed by Carl Davis and an introduction by comedian Lucy Porter.  Film screens at 8pm UK time.  Details here.

Wednesday 3 March

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Kid Boots (Dir. Frank Tuttle, US,1926) This is surely one of Bow’s finest comic performances. A silent-film adaptation of a Broadway musical-comedy seems an unlikely winning  formula, but with the dual appeal of male lead Eddie Cantor, with his hapless comic charm, and Clara Bow’s “captivating, heart-snatching heroine” (New York Times), Kid Boots (1926) became a well-deserved smash hit for Paramount and further consolidated Clara as box office gold.  Introduced by stand-up comedian Lucy PorterWith live piano accompaniment by John Sweeney.  Film screens at 11am UK time.  Details here.

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Siren of the Tropics (Les Siren des Tropiques) (Dir. Mario Nalpas and Henri Étiévant, Fr, 1927)  Josephine Baker was an American-born dancer and entertainer who later became a French citizen, World War II resistance agent and a civil rights activist. In 1926 she caused a sensation at the Folies Bergère in Paris with her improvised fusion of ballet, Broadway kicks, tap and African dance styles. She was also the first black woman to star in a major motion picture, making her debut in the 1927 silent film Siren Of The Tropics . In the film, Baker plays a native girl named Papitou, who falls in love with a young engineer. When he returns to Paris and his fiancée,  Papitou follows. The film is now best remembered for Baker’s exceptional dance performances, but it has much more to offer.   Introduced by Akulah Agbami, Director of Sheba Soul Ensemble and BLACK Artists on the MoveWith live musical accompaniment by Guenter A. Buchwald and Frank Bockius.   Film screens at 4pm UK time.  Details here.

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents JOSEPHINE BAKER: Power and the Clown with Akulah Agbami.  A presentation and Q&A on Josephine Baker’s contribution to the world stage, artistically and politically, examining the origins of her rich performance repertoire, her strategies for survival and advancement and the influence on her work of the ancient Afrikan tradition of clowning. Event takes place at 6pm UK time. Details here.

Thursday 4 March

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents  A Pair of Silk Stockings (Dir. Walter Edwards, US, 1918) The Thornhill’s marriage is in a rough spot with poor Sam (Harrison Ford) feeling he is a neglected husband. So, he schemes to make his wife Molly (Constance Talmadge) jealous. But Sam’s plots seldom work out as he intends and his latest ends in divorce. Soon after, a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s home gives Sam the opportunity he needs to explain himself. Adapted from a hit bedroom farce play by Cyril Harcourt, this is an enjoyable, rarely seen early comedy starring the youngest of the three Talmadge sisters made soon after her triumph in a very different role in D. W Griffith’s Intolerance (1916). Introduced by stand up comedian Lucy Porter.  Accompanied live on piano by John Sweeney. Screens at 11am UK time. Details here.

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Bell Boy 13 (Dir. William A. Seiter, US, 1923) Douglas MacLean was a popular leading man in comedy features all through the 1920s. So successful were his films that he became his own producer. Although often overlooked today, Ben Model’s restorations of some of MacLean’s rediscovered features have done much to reclaim his standing as an excellent silent comic performer. This screening of Bellboy 13 comes ‘by popular demand’ following the success of our screening of Just A Minute (1921) at Slapstick 2020. This is a rare chance to see MacLean in action again, in one of his finest and funniest films  plus Dog Shy (Dir, Leo McCarey1926) The dapper Charley Chase stars in a classic two-reeler comedy which will be screening in a new 2K scan of the Library of Congress’ preservation from 35mm. Ben Model accompanies both films live on piano from New York with introductions from Steve Massa.  Films screen at 4pm UK time.  Details here.

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Matt & Noel’s Salute to Laurel & Hardy  Join “Bake Off” stars and good friends Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding as they serve a large helping of mirth and memories, inspired by their shared passion for Laurel & Hardy. With support from stand-up Robin Ince, the GBBO double act presents clips they’ve curated along with personal recollections of what Laurel & Hardy mean to them and the duo’s influences on their work. Event takes place at 7.30pm UK time.  Details here

Friday 5 March

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Rediscoveries & Revelations From The Anthony Saffrey Collection.  In recent years a highlight of every Slapstick Festival has been a programme of rediscoveries from the unmatched private collection of Anthony Saffrey. This latest edition features some lovely 2K transfers of from 35mm nitrate prints of rarities including: Fatty Again (1914), The Mystery Of The Milk (1914) and His New Cane (1912). Introducing the collection will be world renowned film historian David Robinson with Daan van den Hurk providing piano accompaniment, live from the Netherlands. Screens at 11am UK time. Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents David Robinson: Ask Me Anything!  The always fascinating and well-informed film critic, film historian and official Chaplin biographer David Robinson, (also Slapstick’s first Patron and an active member of the festival’s board) takes and answers audience questions. Event takes place at 2pm UK time.  Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Movie Crazy (Dir. Clyde Brockman/Harold Lloyd, US, 1932)  In an unprecedented move, Slapstick Festival is screening their first Harold Lloyd talkie!!!! Best known for his classic silent comedies, Lloyd continued to have strong commercial and critical success in his early sound films. Movie Crazy  is widely considered both his finest talkie and one of his best films overall yet although it grossed over $1.4m on first release, is mostly overlooked now. In it, Harold plays Harold Hall, an  accident-prone young man with little or no acting ability, who desperately wants to be in pictures. After a mix up he finds himself in a Hollywood where his adventures cause all sorts of trouble. Introduced by Suzanne Lloyd Hayes, president of Lloyd Entertainment and granddaughter of the great star.  Screens at 4pm UK time.  Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Hooray for Harold Lloyd! with Suzanne Lloyd Hayes  Writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet (Host of Radio 3’s Free Thinking) explores Harold Lloyd’s life, work and legacy with the star’s granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd Hayes, in a live event illustrated with clips and including a screening of Over The Fence (1917) – featuring the debut of Lloyd’s ‘glasses character’ – and High & Dizzy (1920), his pioneering thrill picture. With a Q&A session to follow.  Event takes place at 8pm UK time.  Details here.

Saturday 6th March

The Leeds Lit Fest presents The Hound of the Baskervilles   (Dir. Richard Oswald, Ger, 1929) Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories were the basis for scores of silent films; this is the very last of them, made in Germany in the dying days of the silent era. An international cast, lavish sets and bravura camerawork combine with the familiar Conan-Doyle world of secret passages behind sliding panels, creaking country houses, and swirling mists on dark, mysterious moors. This film was unseen since 1929 and considered long lost – until it was found in Poland in 2009, stored in a parish priest’s basement. Find out more at  With live piano accompaniment by Jonny Best.  Film screens at 19.30 UK time.  Details here

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents The Great Buster (Dir: Peter Bogdanovich, US, 2019) This brilliant new documentary celebrates the life and career of Buster Keaton, whose singular style and prolific output during the silent era created his legacy as a true cinematic visionary. Filled with stunningly restored excerpts of archival Keaton films. The Great Buster explores the early development of Keaton’s trademark physical comedy and deadpan expression and explains how it earned him the lifelong moniker of The Great Stone Face. Interspersed throughout are interviews with giants of the celluloid world, including Mel Brooks, Quentin Tarantino, Werner Herzog and Dick van Dyke, who discuss Keaton’s influence on modern comedy and, indeed, cinema itself.  Screens at 11am UK time.  Details here.

The 2021 Slapstick On-Line Festival from Bristol presents Slapstick’s Virtual Hangouts: Buster Keaton.  Join the Slapstick crew for a discussion about Keaton’s work and legacy with a TBC panel. Alongside the discussion will be a screening of Snake Oil (2020), a short comedy and the directorial debut of Remy Archer. Remy’s film is a Keaton-esque celebration of visual comedy and a passionate homage to the Great Stone Face.  Event takes place at 2pm UK time.  Details here

Sunday 7 March

Episode 48 of the Silent Comedy Watch Party, live from New York and hosted by accompanist Ben Model and silent film historian Steve Massa.  The usual format is three silent comedies introduced by Steve and with Ben doing live piano accompaniment from his Upper West Side apartment.  Films being screened this evening have yet to be confirmed.   The event streams at 8pm UK time on You Tube. Further details here.       (NB  This event will be available to watch live but will also remain available on You Tube to watch later.)

Wednesday 10 March

The Kennington Bioscope present episode 15 of their Live Stream Broadcasts on the KBTV  channel on You Tube at 7:30.  In an impressively high tech format they present silent films introduced by Michelle Facey (@best2vilmabanky). Tonight, in partnership with the British Film Institute, KBTV presents a special selection of films from London-born music hall and silent film comedian Fred Evans (1889-1951) showcasing his celebrated comedy character, the prodigious ‘Pimple’, whose popular antics, with over 200 films to his name, proved to be a precursor of many British comedies to come. Hailing from a theatrical family and born in the same year as Charlie Chaplin, they were childhood friends and between them they dominated the comedy box office takings of the ‘teens in the UK. BFI silent film curator, Bryony Dixon, takes us through Fred’s career, via his characters Charley Smiler and Pimple, with reference also to his talented family and his peer, Charlie Chaplin.  Films include; Charley Smiler Joins the Boy Scouts (1911) Fred Evans appears here in his earlier comedy film incarnation;  Making A Living (1914) the first film produced featuring Charlie Chaplin; The Adventures of Pimple: The Battle of Waterloo (1913) a parody of the then recently released British and Colonial Films’ epic depiction of the famed battle; Pimple Has One (1915) in which a servant fetching wine gets drunk and has trouble with the police; Will Evans the Musical Eccentric (1899) in which Fred Evans’ Uncle Will demonstrates some of his impressive stage skills; Pimple’s Part (1916) Pimple tries to be an actor; Pimple’s Pink Forms (1916) Pimple is rejected by the army, so he takes a job delivering official forms – film fragment; and, Pimple In The Whip (1917) A lord foils a plot to kill his favourite horse and rides it to win. With live and pre-recorded accompaniment from John Sweeney, Lillian Henley and Costas Fotopoulos.  For more details of this event see  Check out our review here of a previous KBTV episode to get an idea of the format.  You can watch  here at 7.30 PM (UK Time).  Or why not subscribe here for future event details delivered straight to your In-Box.    (NB  This event will  also remain available on You Tube to watch later.)

Wednesday 17 March

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – Body and Soul (1925) Paul Robeson , the first African American actor to achieve international star status, made his screen debut in this audacious, all-black cast melodrama, directed and produced by Oscar Micheaux – the silent era’s most successful black filmmaker.  Micheaux brings a showman’s flair to the sensational story of a demonic ex-con, posing as a minister in order to swindle the townspeople of their money. Micheaux’s leading man, Robeson, shows off his considerable range, playing dual roles as the mild-mannered Sylvester and his charismatic identical twin brother Isaiah.  Find out more at  .  Introduced by Charles Musser, professor of Film & Media Studies at Yale University.  With recorded musical accompaniment composed and conducted by American jazz musician Wycliffe Gordon and performed by an 18 piece jazz orchestra.  Screens at 18.30 UK time.  Followed by a live Q & A session.  Find out more here

Thursday 18 March

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – Scottish Cinema and the Flu Pandemic of 1918-19  A silent film talk with Dr Trevor Griffiths.  Over the last twelve months, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the country’s entertainment sector, with cinemas across the country closed and film releases withdrawn… but what lessons can we draw from the responses of the cinema industry to the pandemic over a hundred years ago? This illuminating talk explores the close parallels with the Scottish film exhibitor experience during the 1918 – 19 flu pandemic. The so-called ‘Spanish flu’ struck a cinema industry, which was still young and which had already endured four years of war. These challenging years were compounded by mounting criticism for the cinema’s alleged moral corruption of young audiences. In examining the steps taken at the time to check the spread of infection we learn about attitudes of the day towards cinema, the impact of the pandemic on the industry at a key stage in its development, and that lockdown and social distancing are nothing new.    Presented by Dr Trevor Griffiths, University of Edinburgh. Screening at 14.00 UK time.   Find out more here

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present Grass: A Nation’s Battle for Life (1925)  Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack – best known as the co-producer/directors of King Kong (1933) – tell the jaw-dropping story of a tribe of nomads in Iran known as the Bakhtiari and their epic trek with half-a-million animals across impossible terrain to reach summer pasture. A spectacular ethnographic record, this film was intended for the lecture circuit but was snapped up by Paramount for theatrical distribution on the strength of its powerful dramatic punch. It’s easy to see how the character of Denham in King Kong was modeled after the adventurer Cooper, whose daredevil real-life exploits were the stuff of Hollywood adventure films. Watch it for the near-mythic odyssey of the journey, the staggering beauty of the scenery, and the endearing moments of intimacy and warmth for the film’s subjects. Find out more at   Introduced by Professor Nacim Pak-Shiraz, Chair in Cinema and Iran and Head of Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh. With piano accompaniment by Mike Nolan.  Screens at 19.00 UK time. Find out more here 

Friday 19 March

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present Underground (Dir. Anthony Asquith, GB, 1928)  In 1920s London, during a normal hectic day on the Underground, mild mannered Northern Line porter Bill (Brian Aherne) falls for shop worker Nell (Elissa Landi). But their relationship is threatened by power station worker Burt (Cyril McLaglan) who also has eyes for Nell.  Consumed by jealousy, Burt plots to discredit Bill with a plan that results in a daring chase through London’s underground and across rooftops of the city.  Although Underground was only Asquith‘s second film  he handles the melodramatic story with confidence and great sophistication.  Underground is a rare study of 1920s working-class London, and offers a fascinating and historically interesting glimpse of its public transport system.  Find out more at   Introduced by Bryony Dixon, curator of silent film at the British Film Institute.   Musical accompaniment is by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, recorded live in 2012, conducted by Timothy Brock and performing Neil Brand’s definitive score,.  Film screens at 14.00 UK time and is followed by a live Q & A session.  Find out more here

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – The Eagle (Dir. Clarence Brown, US, 1925)  Based on the novel Dubrovsky by Alexander Pushkin, Rudolph Valentino stars as the title character, a young Russian Cossack officer who rejects the Czarina’s (Louise Dresser) amorous attention and is promptly branded a deserter in this silent tale of love and revenge. On the eve of his dismissal he learns of his father’s ruin–his father had sent a letter pleading for the Czarina’s aid against Kyrilla (James Marcus), a gluttonous and treacherous neighbor who has stolen the family’s estate. Sentenced to death with a reward on his head for shunning the lusty Czarina, Vladimir escapes into the countryside and becomes the Black Eagle, a dashing masked vigilante who seeks to avenge the death of his father. But things get complicated when he falls in love with Mascha Troekouroff (Vilma Banky), Kyrilla’s daughter.  Escaping for once his ‘Latin Lover’ persona, Valentino delivers a charismatic and seductive performance in this full-scale romantic adventure that shines with early Hollywood’s technical advancements and stylish production values.  Find out more at Introduced by the Hippodrome Cinema‘s own Alison Strauss.  Piano accompaniment by Neil Brand.  The film screens at 19.00 UK time.  Find out more here

Saturday 20 March

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – Prix de Beauté (Dir. Augusto Genina, Fr, 1930)  Iconic star of the silent era – Louise Brooks – lights up the role of Lucienne, a spirited, carefree, working woman who enters a beauty contest and is introduced to the alluring world of fame and the freedom it affords. Chafing under the disapproval of her idealistic but controlling boyfriend she is torn between the tantalising glimpse of glamour and a life of domesticity.  Based on a story by René Clair and G.W. Pabst the film was released as a talkie but this HippFest presentation is of the glorious, beautifully restored silent version, which eschews some crude pasted-on sound effects and awkwardly post-synched dialogue scenes, and lets the stunning cinematography and Brooks’ electric performance shine for themselves.  This is a particularly welcome opportunity to watch this rarely screened classic with a mesmeric performance by Brooks.  Find out more at sensesofcinema.comIntroduced by Pamela Hutchinson, freelance writer, critic, film historian, and editor of the silent cinema website Silent London.  Musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.  Film screens at 14.00 UK time followed by live Q & A session.  Find out more here

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – The Woman That Men Yearn For (aka Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt,  ) (Dir, Curtis Bernhardt, Ger, 1929)  The dreamy Charles Leblanc (Oskar Sima), about to marry into a wealthy steel-making family, glimpses Stascha (Marlene Dietrich) and her companion Karoff (Fritz Kortner) as they pause for a drink at a bar in his small southern France town. They meet again on the train taking him and his wife on their honeymoon. Overwhelmed by Stascha’s sexuality, and ignoring his distraught new wife, Leblanc agrees to help her escape from the domineering Karoff, setting in motion a chain of obsessive, destructive events.  Long before von Sternberg brought us Dietrich as Lola Lola in The Blue Angel, the actress had already created her femme fatale persona with this, her first starring role.  Although made on something of a shoestring budget and wholly studio shot, the film benefits from excellent direction from Bernhardt, Dietrich smoulders superbly and the rest of the cast are excellent.  Unfortunately the film was released just as audiences were clamouring for sound films and as a result it was not particularly successful. This rarely screened film marked an important milestone in Dietrich’s career development.   Find out more at .  Introduced by  writer, critic and academic Hannah McGill.  With musical accompaniment by Frame Ensemble ( Irine Røsnes (violin); Liz Hanks (cello); Trevor Bartlett (percussion); Jonny Best (piano)).  Film screens at 1900 UK time, followed by a live Q & A session.  Find out more here

 Sunday 21 March

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present – Billie Ritchie’s Early Hollywood Footsteps  Join John Bengtsonthe great detective of silent film locations’ (New York Times) on a visual tour of early Hollywood as revealed in the background of films starring Buster Keaton, Mary Pickford, and other classic stars, with an emphasis on locales visited by Scotland’s own slapstick hero Billie Ritchie, Charlie Chaplin’s main rival in 1915. Ritchie, like Chaplin, travelled with the Karno troupes to the USA. He was billed alongside Chaplin as one of ‘the greatest comedians of the day’ and was among a small number of stars whose names were guaranteed to boost box office receipts in cinemas UK-wide. However, today few people even in Scotland have heard of him, or seen the many side-splitting, slapstick moments he made for film in Hollywood. This talk and tour features rare clips courtesy of the Library of Congress, Undercrank Productions, and the EYE Filmmuseum, and other recently discovered moments from Ritchie’s career.  Presented by John Bengston, author, film historian and member of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.  Screens at 12.00 UK time.  Find out more here

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present –Chess Fever (aka Shakhmatnaya Goryachka) (Dir. Vsevolod Pudovkin and Nikolai Shpikovsky, USSR,1925)  Ninety-five years before the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit gripped our imaginations Soviet citizens were transfixed by the International Chess Tournament being held at Moscow’s Hotel Metropol in November 1925.  Hundreds of spectators followed the games in the Metropol, whilst tens of thousands watched demonstration boards across the city, and the then up-and-coming director Pudovkin was asked to make a topical comedy about the ‘chess fever’ sweeping the nation. Chess competitor at the tournament Capablanca plays himself in this fast-paced comedy about a young couple whose love affair reaches stalemate because of the hero’s obsession with the game.  Find out more at  Introduced by HippFest director Alison Strauss.  Musical accompaniment by John Sweeney.   Film screens at 13.30 UK time. Find out more here

The 2021 Hippodrome Silent Film Festival present Sparrows (Dir. William Beaudine, Tom McNamara (uncredited), US, 1926)  HippFest is proud to present the world premiere of a brand new restoration of Mary Pickford’s masterpiece Sparrows with a new score specially commissioned by the Mary Pickford Foundation.  Pickford, “America’s sweetheart”, and the unrivaled Queen of Hollywood – plays ‘mamma Molly’ the eldest of a lovable clutch of raggedy orphans, starved and brutalised by the evil Mr Grimes who exploits the luckless children, forcing them to work on his dismal swamp. This Dickensian scenario is further emphasised by sinister lighting and a dark Gothic production design – rendering a genuinely suspenseful and affecting drama in which Molly strives first to protect the children and then lead them on a daring escape across quicksand and alligator-infested swamps.  Find out more at Introduced by Cari Beauchamp, writer, film historian, flm-maker and Resident Scholar at the Mary Pickford Foundation.  Musical accompaniment composed by Taylor and Cameron Graves and performed by Taylor Graves (piano, violin, cello, contra bass, flute, trumpet, percussion, guitar, harp and brass); Cameron Graves (piano, violin, cello and contra bass); Rachel Grace (violin); Artymom Manukyan (cello); Sean Sonderegger (clarinet, bass clarinet, flute and contra clarinet).  Film screens at 19.00 UK time followed by a live Q & A session.   Find out more here