Live On-Line Events

Lock-down may be preventing us from getting out to see silent film events ‘in the flesh’.  But don’t forget that there are still opportunities to see films at live On-Line screenings.  Forthcoming events include;


Tuesday 13 July

modern times 2The Sands Films Cinema Club present Modern Times (Dir. Charlie Chaplin, US, 1936) set during the great depression, Modern Times centres on a luckless factory worker (played by Chaplin with his last outing as the ‘little tramp’ character) who finds himself so unnerved by trying to cope with the modern equipment he must operate that he suffers a breakdown. After being institutionalized, he is freed, only to be mistaken for a communist agitator. He is arrested but released after preventing a jailbreak. He subsequently falls in love with a young girl (Paulette Goddard) whom he met when she was running from the police after stealing a loaf of bread. The factory worker and the girl have many adventures together as they evade the police and struggle for a better life. Eventually they escape for the open road. Chaplin had not been seen on a theatre screen for five years when Modern Times premiered to great acclaim in 1936. Still stubbornly resisting work in “talkies,” he stood alone in his insistence upon preserving the silent film. As he did with City Lights (1931), Chaplin conceded to recording a music and sound effects track, but there would be no dialogue heard on-screen. Find out more at  With recorded score.  Film screens at 20;00 UK time.  Details Here

Her Night of Romance (1The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington NY presents Her Night of Romance (Dir.  Sidney Franklin, UK, 1924)  American Dorothy Adams (Constance Talmadge) is the sole heiress to her father’s scrub brush fortune but she has no intention of being romanced for her money after she arrives in London. An impoverished British Lord (Paul Menford) impersonates a doctor to woo the heiress. The Lord is in love but his business associate (Joe Diamond) is only interested in the money. A funny, charming film with the unforgettable Constance Talmadge, an actor whose comic timing is impeccable but who is now almost completely forgotten.  Find out more at .  With live musical accompaniment by Ben Model.  Film screens at 7.00pm ET (Midnight UK time) Details here