Live Screenings – 2023









27 January

Go And Get It (Dir. Marshall Niehan/Henry Roberts Symonds, US, 1920) (Screening format – digital, 70mins)  Go and Get It, is a  silent horror film long thought to be  ‘lost’.  However, a 35mm print, the original Italian 35mm nitrate release print,  turned up recently in the archives at Cineteca Milano.  The film itself is considered the fore-runner of the ‘killer gorilla’ horrors that would feature so heavily in the decades to come, with mad Dr. Ord putting a criminal’s brain into an ape. What could possibly go wrong?!  The film opens with publisher Gordon conspiring with a rival publisher to sabotage his newspaper in order to gain full control. Helen Allen, the owner, who inherited the newspaper from her father, has some suspicions and, wanting to investigate, she gets hired under a false name. She is helped by reporter Kirk Connelly, on the trail of a ferocious murderer.   Find out more at catalog-afi-com  Presented by the the Gothique Film Society.  With live piano accompaniment by John SweeneyCinema Museum, Lambeth  Link